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1 to 10 Countdown Meditation

As we have mentioned several times on the BRPM blog, meditation is an excellent practice for managing chronic pain symptoms. On our blog and website, you will find multiple tools for practicing meditation. Today we bring you another resource from Dr. John Heil, clinical psychologist at Psychological Health Roanoke. Dr. Heil specializes in sports psychology and chronic pain psychology. He has a YouTube channel: Zen Zone Digital, where he and fellow collaborators create and post guided meditation exercises designed especially to help athletes and those who suffer with chronic pain.

Before you begin the meditation exercise, find a comfortable and quiet place to sit. This exercise of counting one to ten while relaxing particular muscle groups is a simple meditation practice you can use in any setting. It is a good way to reset your body, mind, and emotions when you feel your anxiety and/or pain intensifying.

You can practice this meditation exercise several times a day with the video. Once you have become proficient with it, you can use this meditation practice anytime, anywhere–even quietly to yourself at work or while sitting in a doctor’s office. Countdown meditation is yet another excellent tool for living successfully despite your chronic pain condition.



Enjoy your weekend!

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