How Trigger Point Injections and PRP Therapy Can Help You Heal From an Injury

Have you recently suffered an injury – perhaps from playing a sport, a car accident, or while exercising? Maybe you’re wary of using pain medications (with good reason!) because you don’t want to risk developing an addiction. But you also don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of surgery and all the risks and complications that can occur (not to mention the weeks of recovery time).

Regardless of how you got hurt, if you’ve been in pain for a while and don’t seem to be getting better on your own, the staff at Blue Ridge Pain & Spine Associates can help. With locations in Roanoke, Salem, and Christiansburg, Virginia, we can address your pain symptoms using trigger point therapy and PRP therapy, which can help you recover safely and quickly without surgery.

What to expect from PRP therapy

PRP therapy uses your own plasma and platelets, which contain growth factors to speed up the healing process of injured bones and tissues. This allows healthier cells to replace the damaged ones. Your blood, containing plasma, is removed. The plasma, containing a higher amount of platelets, is reinjected to the injured part of your body. New cells develop over time, speeding along the healing process and providing long-term pain relief. You won’t have to undergo surgery or be injected with drugs. Instead, your body will heal itself.

PRP therapy has very few risks, since it involves substances from your own body. There is very little risk of infection or scarring, and the entire process takes only about half an hour. The recovery time is significantly shorter than after surgery.

What to expect from trigger point therapy

Trigger point injections can help restore the functionality of muscles that are painful or tight from lack of use. This process involves inserting a needle directly into the tissue, which helps you to relax and feel instant pain relief. While it’s similar to acupuncture, trigger point therapy has medicinal benefits that are more effective and longer-lasting. By manipulating or massaging troublesome spots, pain is released from constricted areas, relieving your body pains. The risks are very small, and the recovery time is far less than what you would expect from surgery.

Learn more about trigger point injections and PRP therapy

If you have experienced an injury and want to learn more about how these therapeutic options can help you, you can reach our staff at one of our three Virginia locations:







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