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Rx from the P.A.’s: On Smoking Cessation

May 13, 2016

  Our last article focused on the special risk long-term smoking poses to people with chronic pain. This week, we are continuing the conversation. BRPM’s own Laura Davis, P.A., is especially knowledgeable and understanding when it comes to the difficulties of smoking cessation. We asked Laura about her personal experience with smoking and what she […]

Smoking and Chronic Pain

April 29, 2016

Study after study has linked smoking to chronic pain conditions–both in the onset of chronic pain and severity of that pain. These results have surprised scientists given that nicotine carries an analgesic property. Smoking cigarettes should provide pain relief. But chronic smoking weakens the body and its processes, thus allowing pain to flourish. What follows […]

Foods to Fight Inflammation

April 8, 2016

Inflammation in the joints and muscles is a leading cause of chronic pain conditions. While there is no concrete dietary cure for chronic inflammation, there are a number of foods you can eat that will: a) help fight inflammation, and b) build strong bones and immunity in the process. What follows is a short list […]

Are You Catastrophizing?

February 19, 2016

When you find yourself in a difficult circumstance, what is your response? Do you tend to focus on the negatives of the situation (or relationship) and your helplessness to within it? Or are you able to keep a positive perspective even when faced with tough odds? It is a loaded question, of course. All of […]

Community Events to keep you going

January 29, 2016

We are getting into the doldrums of winter. You know: that time of year when cozying up by the fire while the weather outside is frightful doesn’t sound so cozy anymore. We are tired of the cold, tired of the snow, and tired of all the aches, pains, and hassles that come from Old Man […]

Healthy You Challenge #40

December 28, 2015

This week is our last challenge in the Healthy You Challenge Series. It has been fun (and challenging!) offering you 40 different opportunities to take small, achievable steps toward healthy positive living despite your chronic pain. We hope you will continue to use the Healthy You Challenges as a tool for motivation and direction, especially […]

On Holiday Stressors

December 17, 2015

As we move into the busiest part of the holiday season (or as a friend calls, “Crunch time!”), stress and–as a natural result–chronic pain are likely to amplify. We asked clinical psychologist, Dr. John Heil, from Psychological Health Roanoke, to address the underlying causes of holiday stressors and offer advice for staying positive and healthy […]

Healthy You Challenge #38

December 15, 2015

All month we have focused our goals on finding ways to minimize holiday stressors so we can truly enjoy the Christmas season. This week’s Healthy You Challenge focuses on finding joy:   Each day this week, choose an idea to meditate on or an activity to engage in that brings you joy.   Some ideas […]

1 to 10 Countdown Meditation

December 11, 2015

As we have mentioned several times on the BRPM blog, meditation is an excellent practice for managing chronic pain symptoms. On our blog and website, you will find multiple tools for practicing meditation. Today we bring you another resource from Dr. John Heil, clinical psychologist at Psychological Health Roanoke. Dr. Heil specializes in sports psychology […]

Healthy You Challenge #37

December 7, 2015

Less than three weeks until Christmas! Does that cause you stress? Use this week’s Healthy You Challenge to help alleviate the stress and replace it with some peace: Buy yourself some new music. Or create a new Pandora station. Make it soothing music without words. Spend at least 15 minutes every day in stillness, listening […]