Pain Management Resources for the Body and Mind

At Blue Ridge Pain Management, we believe that treating pain consists of much more than prescribing medicines or performing procedures. In fact, managing pain can sometimes be managing or altering  your lifestyle.

The human body is a truly amazing machine. And with most machines, all the moving parts make a difference in how well the machine functions. For us, that means that keeping our mental health in check goes a long way in determining our physical health, and vice versa.

Though we’re a practice of pain management specialists, we like to equip our patients with resources for the holistic health. We encourage both current, potential, and even former patients to utilize the following healthy lifestyle resources:

If you have further questions about healthy lifestyle habits or how holistic pain management works, ask your Primary Care Physician. To consult with a Blue Ridge Pain Management specialist, you’ll need a referring physician to approve the appointment. To do so, have your referring physician contact us or call 540- 444-5670.

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