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As many as 25% of Americans with low back pain may have a condition known as sacroiliitis. At Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates, with offices in Salem, Christiansburg, and Roanoke, Virginia, the experienced medical team offers on-site diagnostics and treatments to alleviate the chronic pain of sacroiliitis and increase your overall quality of life. Find out more about the customized treatment options available for sacroiliitis today by calling the office nearest you or by using the online booking system to schedule an appointment.

Sacroiliitis Q & A

What is sacroiliitis?

Sacroiliitis is a condition that causes inflammation in one or both of the sacroiliac joints, which connect your lower spine with your pelvis. This inflammation can cause pain that affects your buttocks, lower back, and legs.

You may also find it difficult to put weight on your legs or stand for long periods of time. Sacroiliitis can also make it difficult to walk up stairs or run.

What causes sacroiliitis?

You can develop sacroiliitis as the result of degeneration in your sacroiliac joints due to the natural aging process, traumatic injury, or progressive conditions, like arthritis.

Sacroiliitis may also develop as a result of pregnancy when the joints stretch in preparation for childbirth.

How is sacroiliitis diagnosed?

If you have chronic pain in your buttocks, back, or legs, your Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates physician reviews your medical history and performs a physical exam to determine if it originates in your sacroiliac joints.

You may need to undergo diagnostic tests, like an X-ray or MRI, to evaluate the health of your joints and rule out other issues that may cause pain.

What treatments are available for sacroiliitis?

There are several effective pain-relieving options for sacroiliitis. In many cases, injection therapy can alleviate pain and inflammation in the joints. Therapy involves the injection of a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medications directly into the joint or the nerves that surround the joint.

For chronic pain not relieved by injection therapy, your Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates physician may recommend a rhizotomy. This procedure uses radiofrequency heat energy to destroy nerves and stop pain signals from traveling to the brain. Over time, the treated nerves regenerate and no longer cause pain.

To prevent a worsening of pain or disability, your Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates physician creates a pain management plan. They custom each plan based on your medical history, your current symptoms, and the severity of your pain. The goal of chronic pain management is to keep you mobile and physically active while ensuring that your pain is well-controlled.

If you have sacroiliitis and haven’t found relief from other treatments, schedule a consultation at Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates today by calling the office nearest you or by booking an appointment online.