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Arthritis is the leading cause of disability among American adults. If you’re affected by chronic joint pain and mobility issues due to arthritis, the medical team at Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates offers customized solutions to enhance your quality of life. At all of their Virginia locations, including Christiansburg, Salem, and Roanoke, the pain management specialists offer a variety of treatments, including injection therapies, to alleviate pain and increase your joint functionality. Learn more about your options for arthritis pain relief by calling the office nearest you or by using the online booking feature to schedule a consultation.

Arthritis Q & A

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is a chronic condition that causes inflammation in your joints, often due to the natural aging process or because of a joint-related injury. As a result of arthritis, your joints grow stiff and painful, making it difficult to move the affected joint.

The two most common types of arthritis include osteoarthritis, a condition that causes the breakdown of the cartilage that enables your joints to glide freely. Rheumatoid arthritis develops due to an autoimmune disorder that causes your body to attack the lining of your joints, leading to chronic inflammation and pain.

What are the risk factors for arthritis?

While arthritis is commonly a part of the aging process, you may be at increased risk for developing the condition if your close family members have arthritis.

Other risk factors for arthritis include a history of joint injuries and being overweight or obese. Carrying extra weight puts additional pressure on your joints, which can result in the premature breakdown of cartilage and bone.

How is arthritis diagnosed?

During your consultation, your Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates physician reviews your personal medical history and family history to evaluate your risk factors for arthritis. Your physician also performs a physical exam of the affected joint, checking for areas of tenderness, pain, and swelling.

To confirm an arthritis diagnosis and rule out other underlying medical conditions, you may need to undergo blood testing and imaging tests, like:

  • MRI
  • X-ray
  • CT scan

Your physician may also recommend an ultrasound to explore the health of your cartilage and soft tissues surrounding your affected joint.

What treatments are available for arthritis?

Depending on the type of arthritis you have and the severity of your pain and other symptoms, the Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates medical team creates a custom treatment plan tailored to your needs.

For chronic arthritis pain not resolved with over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers, your physician may recommend injection therapies to deliver medications directly to the affected joint.

Typically, they use a local anesthetic and a steroid medication to alleviate pain and inflammation in the joint. Your physician can also inject a local anesthetic into the nerves surrounding the joint to stop pain signals from traveling to the brain.

To ensure the needle is in the proper position, your Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates physician may use fluoroscopy, a real-time imaging guidance system that ensures accuracy.

Learn more about available treatments for chronic arthritis pain today by calling the office nearest you, or you can use the convenient online booking feature to schedule an appointment.