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Radiculopathy, commonly referred to as a pinched nerve, can lead to shooting, burning, and stabbing pains that become overwhelmingly unbearable. If you have a history of radiculopathy, you can get effective treatment at Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates, located in Salem, Christiansburg, and Roanoke, Virginia. You can conveniently book your radiculopathy exam online or over the phone with your most convenient office.

Radiculopathy Q & A

What are the symptoms of radiculopathy?

Radiculopathy symptoms can vary depending on the location in your spine where it occurs. Common signs and symptoms of different types of radiculopathy are described below.

Lumbar radiculopathy

Lumbar radiculopathy occurs when you have a pinched nerve in your lower back. Nicknamed “sciatica,” lumbar radiculopathy often leads to pain, burning, and stabbing pains in your buttocks and legs. You may even experience chronic lower back pain.

Cervical radiculopathy

Cervical radiculopathy happens when a nerve in your neck becomes compressed. This can lead to electrical and shooting sensations that run from your shoulders, down your arms, and into your hands. You may find that you have difficulty grasping items or even holding a pen.

Thoracic radiculopathy

Thoracic radiculopathy develops when a nerve in your upper back becomes compressed. Not only can thoracic radiculopathy cause weakness or loss of reflexes in your extremities, but the condition can also lead to burning and pins-and-needles sensations that wrap around your rib cage.

Why does radiculopathy occur?

Nerve compression from radiculopathy can occur for a variety of reasons, from accidents and trauma to lifestyle factors and genetics. Your radiculopathy and related symptoms may be caused by:

  • Ligament thickening
  • Foraminal stenosis
  • Herniated discs
  • Being overweight
  • Infections
  • Bone spurs
  • Diabetes

Whether radiculopathy seems to be a minor occurrence, or if your symptoms are starting to worsen and affect you on a daily basis, you have plenty of options for relief at Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates.

Which radiculopathy treatment is best?

The best type of radiculopathy treatment is personalized to you and your specific diagnosis. In many cases, it’s best to combine radiculopathy treatments such as:

  • Image-guided nerve blocks or injections
  • Daily stretches or physical therapy
  • Transforaminal epidural injections
  • Lumbar or cervical epidurals
  • Spinal cord stimulators (SCS)

The pain specialists at Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates offer individualized chronic pain management and tailor your radiculopathy treatment plan as needed. They work diligently to ensure you get relief from agonizing radiculopathy symptoms and get back to living your best life.

If radiculopathy is starting to lower your quality of life, see how the team at Blue Ridge Pain Management Associates can help. Click on the online scheduler or call your nearest location.