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Post Operative Pain & Nerve Injuries

Even the most successful surgeries can cause unwanted additional pain. Conditions that were previously difficult if not impossible to treat are now treatable, such as, persistent nerve pain after common surgeries including hernia repairs, hip replacements, knee replacements and foot and ankle surgeries. Nerves may be injured in these surgeries that result in chronic, significant pain even with otherwise good surgical outcomes.

Now there is hope.


  • Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation

    The physicians at Blue Ridge Pain Management are the only physicians in Southwest Virginia who are certified to use dorsal root ganglion stimulation. This cutting edge technology provides a giant leap forward. Spinal cord stimulators are implanted devices that utilize low-intensity electrical pulses to trigger selective nerve fibers to diminish pain from the source.

    To find out more about dorsal root ganglion stimulation, download our fact sheet.


Anthony L. Dragovich, M.D.

Dr. Anthony Dragovich is a board certified anesthesiologist and pain medicine physician¬†with expert proficiency in the placement of implantable devices and ultrasound guided procedures. Dr. Dragovich performed his anesthesiology residency at Walter Reed Army Medical Center … Read More