Meet the BRPM Staff

We are proud to introduce our amazing BRPM Staff. They do the hard, often behind the scenes work, that is crucial to your care and excellent patient experience.  We are truly blessed to have them.

So, without further ado, the Blue Ridge Pain Management staff:


Christina: Insurance Specialist



Lovace: Clinical Assistant for Dr. Swanson



 Angelica: Pharmacy Technician



Lisa: Front Desk Receptionist in Salem



Stephen: Clinical Assistant



 Rebekah: Laboratory Technologist



 Aura Maria: Clinical Assistant for Dr. Baylor



Allison: Clinical Assistant for Dr. Dragovich



Jenna: New Patient Referral Coordinator



Dee Jay: Clinical Assistant to Kaitlin Daniels, P.A.



Richard: Clinical Assistant for Dr. Baylor



Colleen: Practice Manager



Ashley: Clinical Assistant for Dana Hurt



Sarah: Clinical Assistant for Dr. Dragovich



Tequila (Kee Kee): Clinical Assistant for Laura Davis



Virginia: Front Desk Reception in Christiansburg



Latasha: Scheduling and Medical Records



Tonya: Clinical Assistant for Dr. Swanson


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