On Neurostimulation

One of the primary goals for the specialists at Blue Ridge Pain Management, is helping patients find treatments for their chronic pain conditions that allow them to live full lives despite their pain. Just as there is vast diversity in chronic pain conditions, so are the treatment options. As technology advances, those options for treating chronic pain without the use of drugs has also increased.

One such treatment gaining in use and effectiveness is neurostimulation through the implanting of a neurostimulator device.

What Is a Neurostimulator?

An implantable neurostimulator is a surgically placed device about the size of a stopwatch. It delivers mild electrical signals to the epidural space near your spine through one or more thin wires, called leads.

How It Works

Neurostimulation provides pain relief by disrupting the pain signals traveling between the spinal cord and the brain. In other words, it outsmarts your pain.

Pain can move and intensify as you change positions. You can adjust the strength and location of stimulation to address these changes in pain with a handheld programmer. For example, if your pain moves or intensifies at different times of the day or during various activities – such as walking, sleeping, or sitting – you can accommodate these changes with different stimulation settings.

If your neurostimulator features AdaptiveStim® technology, then it will automatically adjust stimulation when you are upright (sitting or standing), lying down, or active while in an upright position.


About the Neurostimulation System

A complete implantable neurostimulation system includes several components:

The neurostimulation system does not make any noise. It may be felt as a small bump under your skin, but does not normally show through your clothes.

Advantages Over Other Therapies

Spinal cord stimulation provides advantages over other therapies for chronic pain:

Is Neurostimulation right for everyone?

Not necessarily. If you want to learn more about whether or not you are a good candidate for an implantable neurostimlation device, speak to your BRPM Pain Management Specialist at your next appointment.

BRPM would like to thank the folks at Medtronic for providing the above information on neurostimulation.

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